Companies & brands I have worked for.
AV Image
Afro Dutch Power House
Funkin Stylez (Snipes)
Juste Debout
Muzische Workshops

Born 93' in Ghana.
Life was so good.

Living in Belgium at the age of 7.
Here is way to cold.

Started dancing, filming & editing at the age of 15.
That's when the fun started.

Color correction/grading since 2016.
Having so much fun!

So what can I do?
- Photography
- Filming
- Creating video concepts (This is/Speak)
- Video Editing
- Color correction/grading
- Vj
- 2nd AC
- Creating Content
- Directing
- Dancing (Freestyle Hiphop)
- Acting (Patser/10 songs or charity)
- Organizing events (Respect My Style/Game Night)
Animation (Scribble effect)

- Premiere Pro CC
- Photoshop CC
- Lightroom CC
- After Effect CC
- Davinci Resolve

Camera's  I have used
- Canon 5d mk 3/4/R
- Sony A7s 2
- Black Magic Cinema Camera
- Black Magic Pocket Camera
- Black Magic Pocket Camera 4k
- Panasonic Gh5

Drones used
- DJI mavic 2

Stabilizer used
- DJI Ronin M & S

We can't be the best in everything, but we can definitely do as much as we can
-that black boy you're trying to see if he's the right guy-

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