Born 93' in Ghana.
Life was so good.

Living in Belgium at the age of 7.
Here is way to cold.

Start dancing, filming & editing at the age of 15.
That's when the fun started.

Color correction/grading since 2016.
Having so much fun!

So what can I do?
- Photography
- Filming
- Creating video concepts (This is/Speak)
- Video Editing
- Color correction/grading
- Vj
- Dancing (Freestyle Hiphop)
- Acting (Patser/10 songs or charity)
- Organizing events (Respect My Style/Game Night)
Animation (Scribble effect)

- Premiere Pro CC
- Photoshop CC
- Lightroom CC
- After Effect CC
- Davinci Resolve

Camera's used
- Canon 5d mk 3/4
- Sony A7s 2
- Black Magic Cinema Camera
- Black Magic Pocket Camera
- Panasonic Gh5

We can't be the best in everything, but we can definitely do as much as we can
-that black boy you're trying to see if he's the right guy-

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